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Venezuela Tried To Convince Me That The Revolution Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks

Over the next seven hours, Contreras’s mission — making Venezuela look good — made Sean Spicer look like a man with an easy and relaxing job. But I was glad to have him: The Venezuelan government has shut off virtually all access to independent media, which officials like Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez say is responsible for creating an image of "hysteria" in the country abroad. At home, too, the images shown on state-run television networks and what is happening on the street are wildly disconnected. I got around the ban the way reporters in authoritarian countries often do: by working official channels, in this case Ernesto Villegas, minister of communication. He put me in touch with a handful of loyal community leaders, who in turn led me to Contreras. It was just after 8 a.m. on Sunday when Cristian and I piled into the backseat of Contreras’s white Mazda pickup truck. Like most other people we met throughout the day, Contreras didn’t waste time with introductions or small talk, but went straight into lengthy praises of former president Hugo Chávez’s legacy and his successor’s attempts at preserving it. William Contreras (left) at the urban planting field in Caracas “We’re fighting our own fight. A fight we like — love,” he said with a hint of anger. Anger has become the dominant feeling in Venezuela after years of shortages of everything from antibiotics to chicken, increasing violence, canceled elections, and triple-digit inflation have brought the country to the brink of collapse.

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Fairfield frock swap fills 10 bags with clothes for West Mercia Women's Aid

‘If Peter mentions it, I’ll say it was irritating my neck, but really, it’s because I don’t want him to know it was expensive.’ Her main motivation is, she says, a sense of guilt. ‘I feel bad about buying things for myself. I love shopping. I get a thrill from buying anything — even things such as toasters and kettles, but especially shoes and handbags. กระเป๋าสะพายหลัง ผู้ชาย พร้อมส่ง ราคาถูก ‘But I feel that I should be spending the money in a better way, such as paying for a family holiday, putting it away for Daniel or into my pension.’ It’s an intriguing habit, given that most secret shoppers spend money they earned themselves. Angela, for example, spends between £1,500 and £2,000 a month on covert shopping — but the money comes from her own bank account, separate to that of Peter, 45, a solicitor. Emily says: 'I’ve guiltily squirrelled away shopping bags under beds, behind doors and at the bottom of wardrobes' Furthermore, she says Peter doesn’t complain about her spending. ‘As long as I’m putting my share of the money into our joint account to pay the bills, I don’t think he minds too much what I buy,’ she says. Psychologist Emma Kenny explains: ‘The กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ผู้ชาย ราคาถูก สําเพ็ง impulse to hide purchases stems from women’s belief we shouldn’t be treating ourselves. We associate shopping with greed and tell ourselves: “You don’t need that, you should be saving it for the future or spending it on your children.” ’ Concealing what they’ve bought gives women a sense of control, she adds. ‘If nobody sees their purchases, they don’t have to confront their shopping habit.

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