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Mr Nuttall earlier admitted claims on his website that he had lost close friends in the 1989 tragedy were false. Lynda Roughley said she was "entirely responsible" for two press releases that were posted in 2011 and 2012. Hillsborough campaigners have accused Mr Nuttall of "insensitivity". Ms Roughley's comments follow a day of confusion in which Mr Nuttall, who is contesting the Stoke Central by-election, was forced to issue a statement clarifying his position and emphasise once again that he had witnessed the tragedy in person with his family. While he said he knew people who had died in the disaster, the MEP for the North West of England said he was "appalled" the impression had been given by the statements that he was personally close to any of the 96 victims. 'Mortified' He said he did not check press releases posted by an aide on the subject suggesting as much อาหารเสริมผิวขาว and was "very sorry" for the oversight. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hillsborough was the worst sporting disaster in British history In her statement, Ms Roughley said she was "mortified" at the distress caused. "I am entirely responsible for the website post regarding Paul's comments about having 'close friends' who died at Hillsborough," she said. "Paul is a man of great integrity and would not say something he knew to be untrue. It's me who has made this mistake, and one I feel absolutely terrible about." The Sun reported that Ms Roughley's resignation had been turned down.

"Mum was very hot on holding your head high and speaking out about things. She didnt let us fuss about our appearance, although she was particular about not being unkempt when it came to Sunday morning church." Has your Filipino background influenced your approach to beauty? "Yes, I think eating well for good skin health like eating lots of rich, fatty foods like avocado and coconut is one thing. And Mum always told the story of her great-aunt who had the most beautiful skin and simply used hot water and a flannel to clean it something which has made a bit of a comeback." What's one thing you'd toss out of her makeup bag? And what would she toss out of yours? "Mums makeup bag has a lip balm, liquid eyeliner, and a mirror. I would toss in some blusher or a 2-in-1 blush and lippy like Tata Harper's lip and cheek tint or RMS Lip2Cheek . Mum, Im sure, would toss out any loud fashionable colours, same as fashion. She always says, 'Just because its fashionable doesnt mean it suits you.'" Photo: Courtesy of Jasmine Hemsley. More Rachel Boston , jewellery designer & co-owner of Oh Boston boutique What's the best beauty advice your mother has ever given you? "My mothers main piece of advice is Never go to bed with your makeup on.

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